List of Twitch bot commands and what they do

NB: This list does not include commands used by the StreamElements chatbot. Those commands are mostly used for mods and only utilise the storage of commands within StreamElements and/or use their built-in variables.

Backseat gaming discouragement
Bonk yourself by timing yourself out for 1 second to delete what you've said in the chat
List of builds I'm currently running
Clip the last 30 seconds automagically. Bot will post a link to the clip in chat, and in my Discord
A link to this list. The recursion...
Link to my Discord
Link to my Extra Life page
Search the Guild Wars 2 Wiki
Displays my Guild Wars 2 IGN (in-game name)
My current WvW matchup including KDR ratio
My current Guild Wars 2 PvP- and WvW kills
!lurk Redeem
Activate lurk mode
My current WvW matchup including victory points
A link to ArenaNet's official Guild Wars 2 New Player's Guide, and a motivational speech that we're here to help. Also displays two additional commands for helpful guides to WvW and PvP
What is an Oodie? Find out, and get my discount code to get your own
My current Guild Wars 2 PvP- and WvW rank for my main account
!rank eu alt
My current Guild Wars 2 PvP rank for my EU alt account
!rank na alt
My current Guild Wars 2 PvP rank for my NA alt account
Displays which Guild Wars 2 server/world Arky is currently residing
!serverstatus <server>
Display a Guild Wars 2 server's current population status
!so vip
Shoutout someone on Twitch
Link to all my socials
Displays current song playing, or an error if no song is playing
Link to my PC specs
My Steam ID
Link to my Twitter
!unlurk Redeem
Deactivate lurk mode
Uptime of the current stream. Will display an error if stream is offline
Standard welcome message - remember to refresh your stream
Link to my YouTube channel

The Bot

Arky_Bot is custom-made with TypeScript, self-hosted as a Node.js-instance on a server in Frankfurt, Germany. All functionality is maintained by me, and can be made available open-source on request should you need anything from it. However, it is currently not possible to add the bot to other channels, and I have no plans re-enable this functionality at this point in time.

The bot also works in conjunction with a Discord bot, that posts to a notifications channel once the stream goes live, done through an eventsub service running under the hood. It also serves as a remote console.log, whenever there’s an error.

The bot is build on top of tmi.js with custom functionality, and besides integrating with my own personal API, it has the following API integrations:

  • Twitch
  • Discord
  • Guild Wars 2
  • Guild Wars 2 Wiki
  • Triggerfyre
  • YouTube Music