Branding guide for Arkyfinity

This branding guide is made purely for personal use. It may serve as inspiration to others, however. As with other things on this website, the source code can be found on GitHub. If you copy anything, please add credits somewhere.


The logo is my most recognizable asset. It’s usually what people see first, and serves as the frontier presentation of the brand "Arkyfinity". The font used is "Inter" (see below) - a good and free alternative to Grotesk-style fonts like Helvetica. And the infinity symbol is cut on the left side and moved left in an attempt to avoid confusion. It’s 'finity', not 'infinity'.

Embracing the 'finity

The 'finity came as a result of me waiting for the "Arky" handle to be recycled by Twitch. After 2+ years of checking the API every day, I’ve now come to terms with the fact that it probably won’t be recycled, and it was time to embrace the 'finity.

I kindly ask your not to edit, change, distort, recolor, or in any way reconfigure the logos.

Alternate logos

When space is tight, the cut infinity symbol serves as a good replacement.


As noted above, Inter serves as a great, free alternative to Grotesk-style fonts, such as Helvetica. It’s got a clean and efficient look, and no-nonsense shapes.

Roboto Mono has long been my go-to monospace font. As with all monospace fonts, it’s about personal preference. Roboto Mono has, to me, the correct style i’s, l’s, and t’s. It may seem like nit-picking but I spend most of my work day inside a code editor of some kind.

Weights: 300, 400, 600
Almost before we knew it, we had left the ground.
Roboto Mono
Weights: 500
Almost before we knew it, we had left the ground.


To be completely honest, not a lot of color theory has been applied. I’ve mostly went for "this looks nice", and made contrasts to match. The gradient is inspired by colors used by Twitch.

Raisin Black
CMYK 26, 22, 0, 79
Dark Raisin
CMYK 26, 23, 0, 83
CMYK 0, 0, 0, 0
Medium Purple
CMYK 42, 48, 0, 0
Sky Blue Crayola
CMYK 44, 8, 0, 6


Purple to Blue
From: #9384FF
To: #86DDF0
Angle: 120deg