About Arky

Hi, I’m Arky, a Danish potato making content about competitive game modes in MMORPGs. I’ve been displaying Guild Wars 2 WvW* and PvP** for years, and will be displaying competitive game play in Ashes of Creation during alphas, betas, and once released. I also try to throw in a dash of FPS and survival games in between.

I stream for fun and giggles. Building a community and having a good time is much more important to me than making money on content. That said, I do appreciate every single cent donated or gifted, and it will all go towards improving the stream quality, may it be a better setup or something simple as new alerts and badges.

As mentioned, I live in Denmark with my wife and two girls. I work as a web developer for a larger company with some very cool clients, which I sometimes talk vaguely about on stream. So if that interests you as well, then swing by. Stack-wise, I’m fond of modern frameworks like React and Vue with TypeScript and Vite on top, displaying data in a cool way - also known as JAMstack.


* = WvW, short for World vs World, a server vs server game mode on giant battlefields with camps, towers, and keeps to capture/defend to accumulate more points. Part of this game mode also involves solo roaming.

** = PvP, short for Player vs Player, and is a normalized, classic arena-like conquest-based game mode with teams at the size of 5 battling each other for points. Wins and losses are reflected on a ladder and are split in seasons, with mini seasons of 3v3 or 2v2 team death match game modes in between seasons.